1) Why IC Trust ?

We at IC Trust strongly believed that it's the bounded duty of all human being .To help each other  and more importantly served the under privileged people in our community .IC Trust transcends boundaries of international borders.

2) Is help will be provided only in Tamil Nadu?

No, IC Trust is having strong bond with multiple states volunteering Directors, Hence we could help all over the world . Please check with admin team for list of district details.

3) Where is IC Trust office located.

our registered in Contact page

4) How can people will get help from IC Trust ?

Based on screening and verification process of IC Trust volunteering team .Peoples will get help from us

** More details contact admin team.

5) How to apply for help?

Please fill the contact us form with your issue and requirement details.

Within 2-3 Working days,our admin team will contact you

6) How can we be volunteers.

Those interested can register as a volunteer in our website. They would be contacted whenever there is a requirement .

7) What are benefit for volunteers .

Based on innovative and activity of volunteer, every years, there will be a BEST volunteer award will be given to volunteers.

8) Who can do FUND ?

Anyone who is interested to be part to eradicate the poverty in this world.

9)Will Donors get list of details who is getting help and how fund is utilized ?

Yes, Our process is 100% transparent. Contribution details will be provided by the Admin when contacted.